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Festina Boyfriend Collection 2022 F20639/2

Dear Pirat Sailors,

There are only 3 months to go until the European Championship kicks off in Csopak, Hungary.

We’d like to inform you that thanks to our title sponsor Festina Watches, the podium winners are going to receive really special limited edition watches, which were specifically designed for the Pirat European Championship. In case you’re not sure if you’ll make it to the podium, there’s no need to worry, as you can also purchase these watches.

At present, you can place your pre-orders, and we’ll be able to hand over the watches at the beginning of the European Championship.

Apart from having this watch being extremely cool, you can also support by your purchase our Class Association and the organization of the regatta. The price of the watch with the Pirat logo, with laser engraving on the caseback in a special gift box is 85.000 HUF or €240.

Please, place your pre-order here on this page by filling out the following pre- order form.

Important: we can provide the watches in the order of your applications.

Can’t wait to see you at Csopak,

Hungarian Pirat Class Association

Please fill out the following pre-order form